Amazing Outdoor Activities in the Countries of Oceania

Travel and explore Australia and Fiji and try not to miss out a Sydney dinner cruise whilst visiting Sydney Harbour in Australia.

Are you exhausted in everyday mundane existence? Life needs something that can rejuvenate you,Amazing Outdoor Activities in the Countries of Oceania Articles refresh you, and make everything clear to you without any hassle. Get up and wipe away everything that torments you. What about a tour, maybe a solo trip to some unique and stunning locations that can instantly make you feel better? Here goes the list of places around Australia and Fiji where you can refresh your mind, body, and soul while taking in the spectacular beauty of the location and contemplating life.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney can be seen as Australia’s most famous and most populous city. You can see perfect pristine beaches, dizzying cityscapes, and gracious inner city suburbs. Sydney Harbour housing two of Sydney’s iconic landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House can be seen as one of the most desired and most attractive locations in Sydney. Dine out in one of the best cruising restaurants in the harbour so that you can take in the stunning views of all the harbour attractions and enjoy the world-class restaurant quality dining options galore. Get on board a Sydney Harbour cruise for dinner and the visually enticing views. Spot an ultra-modern Australian built catamaran offering cruises on a budget. It would be ideal to save some money in Sydney since it often identifies or gets mention from around the globe as a quite expensive modern landmark. You can catch sight of the harbour attractions from its expansive outer decks and panoramic windows. Enjoy a multi-cuisine buffet dinner made to perfection by the onboard chefs and combine it with refreshing soft drinks and value bar packages available for purchase from the fully licensed bar onboard. You can relax and enjoy the bountiful natural and man-made attractions in the harbour for around three hours. Roll your camera and snap some stunning shots in the background. Let this Sydney dinner cruise give you an essence of Australian charm.

Brisbane, Australia

Like Sydney, Brisbane can be identified as one among the incredible destinations offering a perfect view of natural attractions including ancient rainforests, lush green gardens, and pristine islands; along with cultural attractions, wealth of arts, modern architecture, and even more. Head over to Brisbane markets and go out for some outdoor shopping and taste some delicious treats. Discover the passion and lifestyle of the communities. The South Bank Parklands, comprising 17 hectares of prime riverfront land, has shaded walking trails, free-swimming facilities, and some pretty beautiful picnic spots. You can explore many of Brisbane’s premier cultural institutions including the Queensland Performance Arts Centre, Queensland Art Gallery, and Museum. You can also catch sight of the Streets Beach, Australia’s only inner-city man-made beach, and even a 1 kilometre curving patch with curling steel columns covered in bougainvillea.


Fiji is all about turquoise seas, magical landscapes, and pristine white sand beaches. Fiji is home to lush forests and diverse wildlife. You can swim, snorkel, hike, and dive in Fiji with many more outdoor fun and adventurous activities. You can even go to parties, sip cocktails, and explore all of its natural beauty by yourself. You can pick and choose amazing outdoor activities from various resorts and travel companies and just mix it up between your budget and luxury accommodation. Try reaching out to one of the beautiful islands in Fiji, Naukacuvu where you can find pristine beaches and an amazing open-air bar. Have you ever had an opportunity to swim with oceanic wildlife? Moyia Reef in Yasawa Islands can be seen as one of the best spots to enjoy an amazing swimming experience with some friendly sharks, who eat only fish. You can also see plenty of colourful coral reefs and click some stunning pictures underwater.

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